Class Description

This course is based upon the teachings of Motor Officer Jerry "MotorMan" Pallandino as featured in the popular motorcycle DVD series entitled “Ride Like A Pro”. It includes techniques used by Motor Officers while performing slow speed maneuvers as well as countersteering and threshold breaking exercises.

The cost of the class is $185.00. Use the “Purchase Button” to reserve your spot in class with your full payment. If you sign up for the class and do not show up, you will forfeit your payment.


This is NOT a beginner motorcycle class.

Each student is advised that while participating in this course you are undertaking certain risks which could result in personal injury and or damage to your motorcycle. By registering for this course, you accept full responsibility for any injury or damage to your motorcycle and that you have insurance for yourself and motorcycle.

By Clicking the "Purchase Button" you are agreeing that you understand the following:

  • All riders understand that taking this course involves certain risks to yourself and your motorcycle.
  • You have insurance on yourself and your motorcycle.
  • You take full responsibility for your actions and will not hold Dave Russell a/k/a Ride Like a Pro of Maryland, LLC, liable for any injury to yourself or any damage to your motorcycle.
  • All riders must provide their own motorcycle and wear proper protective riding gear including DOT-approved helmet, eye protection, gloves, and boots over the ankle while on the course.